Friday, 31 August 2007

Red Bull and Chocolate

My diet for the duration of my holiday will probably kill me. Sadly I’m a smoker so I’m probably set for an early retirement anyway.

And waking up at five/ six am I always need that coffee fix to get me started. For the most part of the first week I was kept away from the High Street, although did manage a few hours. Especially the day I knew I wanted to be there for George and Gwen’s Wedding.
The great thing about waking up early was spending a little time working on the computer before I left the house. Even better was someone had passed me on a link to a web cam showing what was happening on the High street. At 5am, there were more seagulls wandering up and down the high street than people. But what was great was watching as the Sun came streaming up the street, hopefully that might mean a little sunshine to take photographs by; but on the High street it’s not guaranteed.
On the few days I made it on to the High street before 11am, which this year were a lot less than normal breakfast for me had become that of Red Bull and chocolate. Apart from the morning I was invited by Sham and a few other performers to breakfast. Although a breakfast of bacon, waffles and maple syrup will probably do me no favours on the health front, just like Red Bull and chocolate.

On my diet of all of the above I did manage to spend a few days on the sugar and caffeine high to get a reasonable number of photographs. Some of which I am quite proud of. Still not my best work, but then again maybe I’m my own worst critic.
Maybe what I should do is get people to pick their choice of my Fringe images. Even doing that I’d not be happy, because I’d always find fault in what had been chosen.

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