Friday, 31 August 2007

Promotion or How to get an Audience Part1

This year was a little slow on the Royal Mile. T-shirts and sweatshirts seemed to have taken over on mass. Photographically pretty boring really. That might just mean that's how everyone else views it too.

Now arrive in costume. Arrive with puppets, paper-mache heads and you have all you need to draw your potential audience to yourselves. Blunderbus Theatre Company enchanted everyone with the colour and humour of their activities on the High Street.
Spotlites Theatre Company put more hours in on the High Street than even I did this year. If there were bubbles on the High Street Merlin and his band of followers I'm sure would be behind them somewhere.

Livewire arrived on the High Street, a cast dressed to "kill!" Or as headlines in the Edinburgh Evening News said "Fringe Swordsman Foils Muggers."

There is another way to get yourself noticed don't wear much!! More on that later.

Another promotion technique is just get out there on the street, especially when you're Dave Benson Philips of Get You're Own Back fame. I was surprised as to how much time Dave spent on the street. In the end proud to have met and chatted to him. He put in a good few days pounding the High Street, unlike a good few others who share the mantle of television personality, and High Street Promotion would be something for others to do on their behalf.

Another promotion method is make a lot of noise. Bang On!!! they know that works, but they know the street, because that's where they've always performed. I watched as they waited for a performer to finish their show before starting their own. They'd not start a show and destroy a crowd that was not their own. They show the respect that needs to be shown on the High street. High Kicking and loud, with an annoying drum beat; you'll not find any photos here! You showed no respect, to all on the High Street, whether Fringe or Street Performer. I only photograph people who respect all theatre!

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