Friday, 31 August 2007

Black and White Pieces

In Chess the first move you make can decide whether you win or loose. The Devil, Chess, A Burlesque from Foul Play Productions made the right opening move and won every game they played on the Royal Mile.

Drawing attention to themselves, courting controversy in the visual images they presented on the High Street. They almost had a Fringe guard as they moved square by square up and down promoting their show.

Of course I was drawn to record images they presented on the High Street. I think every red blooded male on the High street got caught up in the glamour and spectacle they saw before them. Sex sells! There are no ifs, no buts.

Even in today’s world of political correctness images of fantastic looking models and actresses still adorn the pages of Newspapers and magazines selling us things. So why not on the Royal Mile promoting their show.

In terms of a visual pick me up for the last week The Devil, Chess a Burlesque was just what the High Street needed. The Knights moved controlling their places, the Pawn moved as instructed and each of the Queens played right to the point where it was checkmate on the High Street.

For me I had to resign well before the end of the game. For stunning visual relief after a few days of liquid sunshine, The Devil
Chess, a Burlesque, was for me a Five film show. I never got to see!!

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