Friday, 31 August 2007

My Favourite Subject Matter

Beautiful women. What more can I say. If there is one subject that dominates all other subject matter I enjoy shooting on the High Street it is beautiful women.
Promotion for any production comes down to just a few key elements. The colour, the costume and a good looking girl handing out flyers.
I of course take flyers from almost everyone; but as some of the Fringe staff no I have ulterior motives for a pocketful of flyers; the bollards that wobble can be wedged to stay steady with just the right amount of paperwork.
Flyering on the High street is a hard pastime, I know I’ve spent years photographing and promoting my run of exhibitions. One of the slight advantages I’ve had is of course using photographs as flyers. And of course only selectively flyering. And as Beautiful Stu does with his street show, I get asked for mine. And of course not being flyers, being “photographs” I can pass them out to people who would not normally take one.
Over the years I’ve used a set to tactics to entice people along to the exhibition space, whether it was the pub venue or as with this year my web space. Give me a flyer and you may have to pay the price! That price is of course having your photograph taken.
I always find a few people to pester over the years. Ask Firefly Productions when I first met them back in 2000. I was caught by the beauty of Melissa Ham Ellis. After that point I was hooked.
Then there was Broads With Swords, Livewire Productions, Z Theatre Company, last year of course it was Something Else Productions. A fantastic crowd, a fantastic cast, a wonderful show. This year’s draw for me and so many others was Foul Play Productions and Black Rainbow Productions.
A big photographic thank you to everyone concerned. And an even bigger thank you to those of you out there who let me annoy them on the High Street.

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